Our Purpose

The Ministry of Tech Advisory Group (MOTAG) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to technology for ministry organisations.

The purposes of the Association are;

1) To advise on suitable technology policies and procedures for Christian ministry organisations.
2) To promote suitable technology solutions amongst Christian ministry organisations.
3) To create links between Christian ministry organisations, and IT and Technology professionals who understand the Christian Ministry ethos.

We are actively seeking to increase our membership of IT and Technology Professionals who are willing to volunteer their time, expertise, and industry experience to help Ministry Organisations gain advantages through the use of technology.

If you are a Not-For-Profit Ministry Organisation, you may apply to MOTAG for access to free advice, assistance and services.

Ultimately, we are a christian ministry support service dedicated to using the combined experience and expertise as an enabling impact for other Christian Ministries who are actively promoting the Christian Faith.

Our Committee

David Wilson – President
Sharon Wilson – Secretary & Treasurer
John Wilson
David Wilson – President

David Wilson – President

David is enthusiastic about finding the right technology for each client. Spending his whole life working with Not-For-Profit ministry organisations like churches, Christian Camp Sites, and specialist ministry organisations, he is able to cut to the chase and find a workable solution for any budget.

Experience is the key, and having worked in both large and small organisations, he is able to bring a breadth of experience that is rare in the industry.

David is a licensed cabler with all the relevant endorsements, Aerial, Underground, Structured, Coaxial and Fibre. He is an experienced systems administrator, with a passion for radio and wifi deployments, and has worked with audio systems since before he left school, and mixing live video regularly for large ministry events.

Check out more about Dave on linkedIn

Sharon Wilson – Secretary & Treasurer

Sharon Wilson – Secretary & Treasurer

Sharon is an amazing Office Administrator with experience in managing the office operations of small businesses and, before children came along, Baptist Community Services. But Sharon is not just an administrator, she has also been rostered behind the sound desk at church and helps produce live video with David for larger ministry events.

Sharon’s excellent administrative skills enable her to take on the role of both Secretary and Treasurer.

You can find out more about Sharon on LinkedIn.

John Wilson

John Wilson

John joined our committee recently and brings a vast wealth of organisational and theological advice to the group. John is a retired valuer but he has been involved with church life for many years serving as Parish Councillor, Warden, and he also preaches regularly. John brings a valuable internal advisory capacity assisting our committee in it’s organisational structure and liaison with government.



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